Threatened Australia – The wide bleak land

Threatened Australia – The wide bleak land Just a few years before heading to Europe to serve with the AIF in 1941, Jock Picks, a young scientist and farmer from South Australia announced in his newly published book “Australia’s Dying Heart – Soil Erosion in the Inland” that “The only aspect of erosion which has […]

Lizard Friends & Green Things

Lizard Friends and Green Things. This past month I was able to give some thought to our lizard friends – the little ones that haunt your garden beds and rockeries, and the bigger characters that lumber about and surprise you when they walk slowly across your veranda. The ones that dash about the garden or […]

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning. The two Rosella families fighting over a nesting hole in the big elm that graces the end of the Maldon Museum signal that Spring has arrived, and that getting on with raising a family is a serious business. Fortunately, most of us do not have to go through a similar event. But their […]

Aliens Abroad: Mink

Aliens Abroad: Mink. My mother killed all the water voles in England. Well not quite all, yet. Only ninety-five percent at the most recent count, which I know from watching Jimmy’s Forest on SBS One. And when and how did this happen you might ask? It started around 1946. I was six years old and […]

Stranger Danger

Stranger Danger. Stranger danger; big time. Imagine you are looking through the kitchen window at your young children – or grandchildren – playing in the backyard. Suddenly, a dark shadow slides across the scene. You lean forward and look up to the sky. Something you’ve never seen before is hovering, swaying in the gentle breeze. […]

Maldon Folk Festival

Maldon Folk Festival. “They don’t have mud wrestling Mary. I told you that in the car. You’re thinking of a different festival.” There is an excited new-day tension amongst the brekkie crowd outside the Maldon Cafe as the first wave of sea shanty’s rolls across the street. I feel embarrassed. We’ve failed. We don’t have […]

Rebagging the Cat

Rebagging the Cat. Its time I came out and I’ll do it here now, so hold on. Ready? Am I a believer or not? Yes I know. It’s not possible, and believers are all nutters. But there is more to this story than simply ‘they exist’, or ‘they don’t exist’. Believing that there are big […]