Cats, Worms & Moles

Cats, Worms & Moles “Christ! We’ve killed the missus’s cat”, groaned my father looking across the field, past the silent frozen ponies with their steaming nostrils, to the far hedge. A black cat hangs stiff in the frost. I’m eight years old and my father, in his post-war job, is second gardener and chauffeur for […]

Rebagging the Cat

Rebagging the Cat. Its time I came out and I’ll do it here now, so hold on. Ready? Am I a believer or not? Yes I know. It’s not possible, and believers are all nutters. But there is more to this story than simply ‘they exist’, or ‘they don’t exist’. Believing that there are big […]

Seeing is Believing

Seeing is Believing. Seeing is believing, goes the saying, but sometimes things happen which makes you question that saying and when it does, you are temporarily (or permanently depending on what you are looking at) transported to a less certain frame of mind. Last year, within a few days of one another, I was surprised […]