Rodney had quit his job in Ceduna in South Australia a week before and headed off intending first to visit his mother, then find a stallion to join with his Warmblood Mare. Now a long way from anywhere, Rodney is on the road and dreaming of a pizza.

Mosquitos and European Wasps

Mosquitos! Have they bothered you recently? They confused me this year; they were different – big, black, and stupid. I didn’t get bitten once. A couple of them landed on me briefly and tried to look threatening, wobbled about on super long legs and then flew clumsily off into the night. It could be that […]

Spring in Central Victoria

Spring in Central Victoria. Lambs are everywhere. Early spring has truly sprung around our district and, I suspect, right across the land. There is lots of paddock feed for the winter born livestock and hopefully, the season looks bright for crop farmers too. New life is everywhere. In the surrounding bushland, four species of Greenhood […]

Threatened Australia – The wide bleak land

Threatened Australia – The wide bleak land Just a few years before heading to Europe to serve with the AIF in 1941, Jock Picks, a young scientist and farmer from South Australia announced in his newly published book “Australia’s Dying Heart – Soil Erosion in the Inland” that “The only aspect of erosion which has […]

The Bush Meeting

The Bush Meeting. The bush meeting was huge. At first I thought there was no one there, that I’d got the wrong address – third dam along near the big Grey Box – but it took only a few moments to see who was here and I was impressed. The largest attendees by size, were […]

Dying Shame

Dying Shame: A Dying Shame seemed an apt heading for an article about road-kill. On our travels around the country we cannot ignore the road-kill that litters the roads and adjoining landscape. Australia is no exception to a problem that effects every country in the world where there are roads and mechanical vehicles. We constantly […]