Designer links: Just Envelopes

Designer links: Just Envelopes. We still use and need envelopes despite the ‘sharing’ hype that dominates personal communications. Here at Just Envelopes, you can find an enormous range of envelopes from the decorative and bizarre to your common customizable business envelope. Visit this designer of envelopes: Just Envelopes Designer links are simply links to print-on-demand […]

A7 monogram envelopes

A7 Monogram Envelopes. These popular white A7 monogram envelopes are available in four different monogram colors: Red, Green, Blue and Black. Customize with your initials, name, and address. You can also choose the paper stock from Basic, Linen, Recycled. or Felt. You might also like to choose a color for the envelope. A monogrammed envelope […]

Square Monogram Envelope

Square Monogram Envelope: Carnival Green Return Address: This fun-colored square monogram envelope in Carnival Green is one of four. Other colors are Yellow, Red and Blue. Customize your monogram initials and return name and address. Details: Square Invitation Envelope – 5 ½” x 5 ½ ”. Sophisticated square flap and secure gum seal. Great for […]