The Bush Meeting

The Bush Meeting. The bush meeting was huge. At first I thought there was no one there, that I’d got the wrong address – third dam along near the big Grey Box – but it took only a few moments to see who was here and I was impressed. The largest attendees by size, were […]

Lizard Friends & Green Things

Lizard Friends and Green Things. This past month I was able to give some thought to our lizard friends – the little ones that haunt your garden beds and rockeries, and the bigger characters that lumber about and surprise you when they walk slowly across your veranda. The ones that dash about the garden or […]

Dying Shame

Dying Shame: A Dying Shame seemed an apt heading for an article about road-kill. On our travels around the country we cannot ignore the road-kill that litters the roads and adjoining landscape. Australia is no exception to a problem that effects every country in the world where there are roads and mechanical vehicles. We constantly […]

Bicycles of Sydney Photo Blog

Bicycles of Sydney: Bicycles of Sydney is a simple test of a new image display feature using our images on in our post. Sorry there is not more here but we will feature bicycles later in August. Push bikes and electric bicycles are an important element in the city’s transport system. We will be […]

Phyllis Fancy & Bambi Burgers

Phyllis Fancy & Bambi Burgers. Bambi Burgers and Phyllis Fancy are the attention grabbing headers I’ve got for you this month. Let us begin. Phyllis Fancy Back in the late 1950’s, my father would sometimes take my mother and me to the greyhound races at Eaglehawk as a Saturday night treat. The truth was that […]

Naked Ladies and noises in the dark

Naked Ladies and noises in the dark. Large numbers of the brilliant pink and leafless Naked Ladies (Amaryllis Belladonna) have enlivened our region this year both in their quantity and their seemingly darker and more vivid shades of pink, leading me to wonder whether this is the result of the lower monthly rainfalls and higher […]

Autumn Window

Autumn Window. Try saying this: cra-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ahhk. Not quite. Try it again. Hmm, not too bad. Now you know the mating call of the Maniacal Cackle Frog most often known as Peron’s Tree Frog. A sound of Autumn. Our neighbour first noticed Mr. Peron when he climbed across her kitchen window one evening. From then on, […]

Stranger Danger

Stranger Danger. Stranger danger; big time. Imagine you are looking through the kitchen window at your young children – or grandchildren – playing in the backyard. Suddenly, a dark shadow slides across the scene. You lean forward and look up to the sky. Something you’ve never seen before is hovering, swaying in the gentle breeze. […]