Rodney had quit his job in Ceduna in South Australia a week before and headed off intending first to visit his mother, then find a stallion to join with his Warmblood Mare. Now a long way from anywhere, Rodney is on the road and dreaming of a pizza.

The Edge of the Bush

Edge of the Bush The Edge of the Bush is a mixture of bush tales and other stories. Over half of Australia’s population now lives in cities and almost without exception, these are situated on the coast. Bush tales are still romantically ingrained in the Aussie psyche, however. This little offering of ten short stories […]

Guitar Cases

Our new Guitar Cases Your music is an expression of your personal take on life – shouldn’t your guitar cases be as well? Stand out from the rest and create your own guitar case with a custom face! Get one bag to match your mood, or easily switch your style any time you want with […]

Mosquitos and European Wasps

Mosquitos! Have they bothered you recently? They confused me this year; they were different – big, black, and stupid. I didn’t get bitten once. A couple of them landed on me briefly and tried to look threatening, wobbled about on super long legs and then flew clumsily off into the night. It could be that […]

Spring in Central Victoria

Spring in Central Victoria. Lambs are everywhere. Early spring has truly sprung around our district and, I suspect, right across the land. There is lots of paddock feed for the winter born livestock and hopefully, the season looks bright for crop farmers too. New life is everywhere. In the surrounding bushland, four species of Greenhood […]

Kangaroos as Neighbours

Kangaroos as Neighbours A long black shadow slid across the boards of the veranda and up the wall covering the curtained bedroom window of the weatherboard cottage. Big Lennie stood and listened as he did every night when he got to number 43, but no dog or human sound came from the house. Smaller shadows […]