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Alpaca Shoes

Alpaca Shoes These delightful Alpaca Shoes from Youbeaut Designs will look right whatever the occasion. Fully customisable to suit. The Alpaca in this photographed was captured for Youbeaut Designs by Richard Lee in south-eastern Australia. Include Soles: High Top Shoes … Continue reading

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The Bush Meeting

The Bush Meeting. The bush meeting was huge. At first I thought there was no one there, that I’d got the wrong address – third dam along near the big Grey Box – but it took only a few moments … Continue reading

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Lizard Friends & Green Things

Lizard Friends and Green Things. This past month I was able to give some thought to our lizard friends – the little ones that haunt your garden beds and rockeries, and the bigger characters that lumber about and surprise you … Continue reading

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Alpaca Clock Paper Plate

Alpaca Clock Paper Plate. Call me Alpaca, Alpakka, Alpaka, or even Alpaga. I love to be on time? Use this clock plate as is or customise to your fancy. You can change the background colour, add text using many different … Continue reading

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