The Edge of the Bush

Edge of the Bush The Edge of the Bush is a mixture of bush tales and other stories. Over half of Australia’s population now lives in cities and almost without exception, these are situated on the coast. Bush tales are still romantically ingrained in the Aussie psyche, however. This little offering of ten short stories […]

Alpaca Paradise is Here

Alpaca paradise is Here! A paradise for print on demand Alpaca products. Fully customisable: Alpaca Alpakka Alpaka Alpaga coffee mug. This head shot of our favourite Alpaca is found on more than 40 print-on-demand products at our store – from truckers caps to wrapping paper – t-shirts to luggage tags, and many more things. […]

Ratus ratus or Rat

Ratus ratus or Rat “There’s a rat – look!” cried someone sitting at a sidewalk café table in Main Street. And sure enough, heading towards them and pirouetting beneath moving vehicles was a big brown disheveled ratus ratus. And not just any rat. This was heritage from the ends of its fishing line whiskers to […]

Spring in Central Victoria

Spring in Central Victoria. Lambs are everywhere. Early spring has truly sprung around our district and, I suspect, right across the land. There is lots of paddock feed for the winter born livestock and hopefully, the season looks bright for crop farmers too. New life is everywhere. In the surrounding bushland, four species of Greenhood […]