Wall Clock Porche 911 Carrera

Porche 911 Carrera

This Porche 911 Carrera square wall clock will grace any office or study wall. Long may this particular car design live on to excite car enthusiasts into the future. Produced from 1964 until 1989, the 911 set the bar height for all the mass market sporting cars that followed. It was produced as a 5 speed manual or a 4 speed automatic and engine sizes from ranged 2 litre to 3.3 litre. The coupe model was probably the best known and most popular.
The serious competitor was of course the Jaguar E-Type (or the Jaguar XK-E made for North America) which was manufactured by Jaguar Cars Ltd between 1961 and 1975. During this period, more in the 1970’s perhaps, the following car makers produced luxury cars that competed with the Porche and the Jaguar, among them, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, the extroardery Citroen SM and of course the BMW 2002tii. There were others.
This wall clock is fully customisable. Change the Porche car image to your favourite car. You can also add a message if you wish.

Click here to view our full range of wall clocks.
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Alpaca Shoes

Alpaca Shoes

These delightful Alpaca Shoes from Youbeaut Designs will look right whatever the occasion. Fully customisable to suit. The Alpaca in this photographed was captured for Youbeaut Designs by Richard Lee in south-eastern Australia.

Include Soles: High Top Shoes
Step out of the box in a pair of unique custom sneakers! Each pair of custom High Top ZIPZ® shoes is designed so that any ZIPZ® top can be matched with a sole of the corresponding size, meaning you can change your style as often as you’d like to match any mood, occasion, or outfit. A fresh look at sneakers, ZIPZ® shoes give you a one of a kind way to express yourself! Continue reading

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The Bush Meeting

The Bush Meeting.

The bush meeting was huge. At first I thought there was no one there, that I’d got the wrong address – third dam along near the big Grey Box – but it took only a few moments to see who was here and I was impressed. The largest attendees by size, were a family of kangaroos lounging beneath a dead wattle bush, and the smallest? Well I eventually picked out a line of meat ants spread along a twig but I had the feeling there were even smaller folk present.

Birds were the most prolific audience members, there seemed like hundreds, and mostly small and constantly moving, changing their position on a branch or swooping down close to the water’s edge. I found myself cataloguing them, Thornbills, Pardalotes, Fairy-wrens, Weebills, a pair of Mistletoebirds, a party of Silvereyes and a group of Red-browed Finches. Moving up a size took me to the Grey Fantails and the Restless Flycatcher, the Yellow Robins and the Rufus Whistlers, a brown Treecreeper and on to the honeyeaters; Yellow-faced, Purple-naped and a White-plumed. Next came the Wattlebirds, the White-browed Babblers and the Grey Shrike-thrush and then the crows, magpies, White-winged Choughs, and plump as always, a pair of Common Bronzwings, then Pied and Grey Currawongs, a pair of Kookaburras, a Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike, a solitary Mopoke, a lone Sacred Kingfisher and finally the Galahs, Cockatoos, pairs of Eastern and Crimson Rosellas and a pair of Red-rumped Parrots and Musk Lorikeets. There were more birds, a Pallid Cuckoo and numerous small birds I couldn’t immediately name. On the dam, a pair of Grebe watched on as Welcome Swallows and Dragon Flies skimmed the water in search of insects. Continue reading

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Lizard Friends & Green Things

Lizard Friends and Green Things.

This past month I was able to give some thought to our lizard friends – the little ones that haunt your garden beds and rockeries, and the bigger characters that lumber about and surprise you when they walk slowly across your veranda. The ones that dash about the garden or sun bake on a rock, are called the Garden Skink (Lampropholis guichenoti) and they reproduce by laying eggs. There are a number of other less common Skinks that might be seen in our Box-Ironbark Forests.

Cunninghams Lizard Australia

The common bigger lizards (and they are also classified as Skinks), usually a Common Blue-tongued Lizard (Tiliqua scincoides) or possibly a Stumpy-tailed Lizard – sometimes called a Shingleback – (Tiliqua rugosa), give birth to live young. There is one quite rare larger Skink, Cunninghams’s Skink (Egernia cunninghami), which I was fortunate enough to meet and photograph recently on a property behind Mt Tarrangower. It lives among rocks exclusively. This skink is a large, prickly lizard. Its scales are pointed and sharp. If threatened, the lizard will flee to the nearest rock crevice and puff up its body and use the spines to anchor itself into the refuge. Trying to remove a stubborn Cunningham’s skink from this position is practically impossible. Continue reading

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Customize Your Ladies Watch

Customize Your Ladies Watch

The Customize Your Ladies Watch offers you the chance to add a name of your choice. Choose from 15 different watch styles. You can also change the watch face colour.
This watch was our best selling item for Christmas 2015.
When ordering, do remember to make the name change. Change ‘Vanessa Lee’ to the name of your choice. Continue reading

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Alpaca Clock Paper Plate

Alpaca Clock Paper Plate.

Call me Alpaca, Alpakka, Alpaka, or even Alpaga. I love to be on time? Use this clock plate as is or customise to your fancy. You can change the background colour, add text using many different type styles and colours. You can even swap me for a picture of your favourite pet. Add a battery clock mechanism to make the plate into a clock and hang it on the wall. Continue reading

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Cat Clock Paper Plate

Cat Clock 7 Inch Paper Plate.

Call me a hungry alley cat or a Cat Clock if you like. I love to eat so thought what better way to get to the food? Use this plate as is or customise to your fancy. You can change the background colour, add text using many different type styles and colours. You can even swap me for a picture of your favourite pet. Add a battery clock mechanism to make the plate into a clock and hang it on the wall. Continue reading

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Alpaca Paper Plate

Alpaca Paper Plate

Call me Alpaca Paper Plate, Alpakka Paper Plate, Alpaka Paper Plate, or even Alpaga Paper Plate. I love to eat so thought what better way to get to the food? Use this plate as is or customise to your fancy. You can change the background colour, add text using many different type styles and colours. You can even swap me for a picture of your favourite pet. Continue reading

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Dying Shame

Dying Shame:

A Dying Shame seemed an apt heading for an article about road-kill. On our travels around the country we cannot ignore the road-kill that litters the roads and adjoining landscape. Australia is no exception to a problem that effects every country in the world where there are roads and mechanical vehicles. We constantly ask ourselves when and from where will a solution to the problem arrive. Perhaps it never will and so every creature from north American Moose, Britain’s Red and Fallow Deer, Badgers and more, or the wild animals and birds of remote regions of Africa and elsewhere, continue to be killed or maimed by motor vehicles. Continue reading

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Sunflowers on Blue Tie

Sunflowers on Blue Tie

Sunflowers on Blue is from a pastel drawing by the late Kerry Gavin. We don’t sell a lot of ties but this one is a regular seller. We think the reason is that although you might call this tie very bright, it also has a quality about it that makes it suitable for almost every tie wearing situation be it a bookmaker or a barrister.

We’ve featured Sunflowers on Blue on this website before but as sales continue to increase we though we should show it off once more. Continue reading

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Aussie Emu Aviator Shades

Aussie Emu Aviator Shades US$11.95:

Aussie Emu Aviator Shades will appeal to party-goers who have experienced life in the Australian Outback. The Emu is a notoriously crazy and humorous bird in the way it runs and criss-crosses the road in front of a moving vehicle. You can never be sure what an emu will do next. It is naturally inquisitive which is how we came to take these pictures. You can change the background colour, select different color rims and glasses style if you wish. Click on the image below which will take you to the item and simply click on ‘Customise’. Continue reading

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Long Envelope Return Address

Long Envelope Thistle Grey Return Address

Thistle Grey Long Envelope #10 Return Address. Edit your return name and address.

NOTE: You can view a full range of envelope sizes, styles and colors here.

Style: # 10
#10 Business Envelope – 9 ½” W x 4 1/8″ H. Made for 8 ½” x 11″ paper. Solid face, commercial flap and gum seal. Free inside printing or security tint. Works well with laser and ink jet printers.

long envelope
Envelope #10 Grey Return Address by JustEnvelopes
Check out other Post statements Envelopes at zazzle.com
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Alpaca Emu Headphones

Alpaca Emu Headphones

Call me Alpaca Emu Headphones, or just Alpakka, Alpaka, or even Alpaga. I love to listen. Use this headphone set as is or customise to your fancy. You can change the background colour, add text using many different type styles and colours. You can even swap me for a picture of your favourite pet, musician or other much loved person.

Style: DJ Style Headphones
Turn down for what? If it’s too loud, you’re too old. Seriously though, maximize your music experience with these premium on-ear personalized headphones. Satisfy sound, comfort and style and make the rest of the world melt away behind your favorite tunes. And that’s music to our ears. Literally.

Solid glass design panels designed to be scratch resistant and look awesome.
Vegan leather padding ensures maximum comfort for extended listening.
On-ear swivel cup designed to allow for makeshift speakers.
40mm drivers transmit a 20hz-20,000hz response range.
5′ braided interchangeable break-away cord to resist tangling in your bag.
Cord has built-in answer button and a microphone to seamlessly take calls.
Standard 1/8 inch headphone jack.

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Name Your Sporty Pink Wristwatch

Name Your Sporty Pink Wristwatch

The Youbeaut Designs Name your Sporty Pink Silicon Ladies Watch, allows you to put your name in the centre of the dial. Change the existing ‘Vanessa Lee’ to a name of your choice. Chang the typeface and/or the color of the name to suit. You can also change the watch face colour.

Choose from fifteen different watch styles: Youbeaut Designs Women watches can be ordered as: Rhinestone Black Enamel, Rhinestone White Enamel, Classic Black Leather Strap, Classic Brown Leather Strap, Silver Wrap-Around, Gold Wrap-Around, Perfect Square Black Leather, Perfect Square Brown Leather, Sporty White Silicon, Sporty Pink Silicon, Two-Tone Bracelet, Oversized Silver Bracelet, Oversized Gold Bracelet, Oversized Two-Tone Bracelet and Oversized Black Bracelet.

Style: Women’s Sporty Pink Silicon Watch
Run, jump, and DANCE with this sporty and fun watch! Made with a durable and comfortable silicone watch band, this water resistant watch is a great fashion accessory for any activity. Customize the face with your name and designs to match your life and your style.

Gender: Women’s
Movement: 3-hand analog Japan Quartz®
Dial Color: Full color custom image
Face Dimensions: 30mm diameter
Case Dimensions: 40mm diameter
Case Material: Silicon
Strap Dimensions: 241.3mm x 20mm
Strap Material: Silicon
Closure: Buckle
Weight: 0.082lb
Water Resistance: Shower Proof
Warranty type: 1 year manufacturers limited warranty
Powered by battery (included)
Recommended for ages 13+

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Japanese Pattern Sun Glasses

Japanese Pattern Sun Glasses

If you are planning a summer holiday in the sun then you should consider protecting your eyes with these Japanese Pattern Sun Glasses offering UV400 protection that blocks 100% harmful UVA and UVB rays. Coming to our neck of the woods – Australia? Beaches everywhere but watch out for the bad effects of the sun. Your body will need to be protected and you will need a hat. Enjoy your holidays.

Each pair is individually produced with our very own unique design but the exciting news is that you can customise these glasses with an image or pattern of your own choosing so whatever your style, cool, retro, girly… you call the shots! Best of all? UV400 protection blocks 100% harmful UVA and UVB rays! Ready, set, beach! Summer is on its way.

Classic wayfarer style made from a premium blend of first generation recycled polycarbonate.
Dimensions: 5.6″ (w), 1.9″ (h).
Durable, lightweight, and comfortable.
Premium lenses available in standard, mirror, and polarized options.
Mirrored Lenses: Ocean, Midnight.
Polarized Lenses: Smoke, Brown.
UV400 protection blocks 100% harmful UVA and UVB rays.
Meets and exceeds FDA safety standards.
Storage & Care
Comes with black microfiber pouch for cleaning and safe storage.
Shipped with eco-friendly storage box for protection.

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Fishermans Wall Clock

Fishermans Wall Clock.

The Fisherman Wall Clock shows a picture of rubbish in the fish cleaning bin after a day in the dinghy at Streaky Bay, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia. (Photo by Richard Lee)

We have spent time at Streaky Bay and confidently recommend this coastal town to visitors. There is much to do and see here and not just on the beach. Google Streaky Bay, South Australia.

Featured in two sizes, this wall clock is vibrantly printed with AcryliPrint®HD process to ensure the highest quality display of any content. Order this custom round wall clock for your walls or give to friends and family as a gift for a timeless holiday reminder.

2 sizes: 8″ diameter (medium) or 10.75″ diameter (large).
One AA battery required (not included).

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Bicycles of Sydney Photo Blog

Bicycles of Sydney:

Bicycles of Sydney is a simple test of a new image display feature using our images on Flickr.com in our post. Sorry there is not more here but we will feature bicycles later in August. Push bikes and electric bicycles are an important element in the city’s transport system.


We will be collecting and tagging our images to share with you soon.

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Alpaca USB Flash Drive

Alpaca USB Flash Drive:

Call these adorable creatures what you like, Alpaca, Alpakka, Alpaka or Alpaga but be sure to keep your work safe with this Alpaca USB Flash Drive.

USB is a standard and defines maximum “signaling speeds” for communicating across a USB port. The USB 2.0 standard offers a theoretical maximum signaling rate of 480 megabits per second, while USB 3.0 defines a maximum rate of 5 gigabits per second. In other words, USB 3.0 is theoretically more than ten times faster than USB 2.0.

If the comparison ended here, upgrading would be a no brainer. Who wouldn’t want their USB drives to be ten times faster?

In reality, this standard just defines the maximum transmission rate of data through a USB port. Devices will have other bottlenecks. For example, USB drives will be limited by the speed of their flash memory.

If you’re not sure whether you have USB 3.0 ports, just look at the USB ports themselves — USB 3.0 ports are generally colored blue inside. Many computers have both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports. In the below photo, the port on the left is USB 2.0 and the port on the right is USB 3.0.

Alpaca Alpakka Alpaka Alpaga Wood USB 2.0 Flash Drive
Alpaca Alpakka Alpaka Alpaga Wood USB 2.0 Flash Drive by Youbeaut
View other Youbeaut designs USB Flash Drives at Zazzle.com

Speed: USB 2.0
Transfer and store files with ease and style! Our favorite tech essential is now modern and elegant. This artfully crafted custom USB is a one of a kind accessory made from a beautiful and unique cut of hardwood maple. Great for storing your wedding photos, loading client presentations, or for every day use, a custom wooden USB is guaranteed to leave an unforgettable impression whether you’re in a library, coffee shop, or meeting. Choose from 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB to suit any practical USB needs.

Dimensions: 1.11” x 2.37” x 0.4”.
Made with natural maple wood.
Features removable cap aligned and secured with small magnets.

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Bondi Beach Canvas Print

Late Afternoon Bondi Beach Canvas Print.

The photograph for Late Afternoon Bondi Beach was taken on a sunny winter afternoon in June 2015.

While our common image of Bondi Beach is most often as a summer holiday venue for backpackers, the truth is that there is beautiful sunlight on most days throughout the year. This year, for those who thought the water was not quite warm enough, the addition of a temporary ice skating facility bordering the beach promenade provided a different and wonderful venue for the people who needed a non-beach activity. Everywhere in Bondi – and not just the beach – there are countless cafes and restaurants, retail shops, and hotels and clubs plus heated swimming baths and sporting facilities. Transport via the excellent Sydney bus service offering access not only to Sydney CBD but also to beaches north and south of Bondi Beach. Well worth a visit to the north via a fifteen minute bus ride, is Watson’s Bay which offers the option to take the ferry back to Sydney’s Circular Quay. A wonderful short bush walk from Watson’s Bay lets you visit the Heads where you can see boats coming in from the ocean and look across to the north shore of Sydney Harbour and Manly, another other popular resort. You might also see a school of dolphins and at certain times of the year, the migrating whales. Try to visit Sydney and all the wonderful places nearby.

Media Type: Premium Wrapped Canvas (Gloss)
Zazzle’s gloss canvas is made from an additive-free cotton-poly blend and features a special ink-receptive coating that protects the printed surface from cracking when stretched. Made with a tight weave ideal for any photography or fine art, our instant-dry gloss canvas produces prints that are fade-resistant for 75 years or

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Sleep disorders and winter nights

Sleep disorders and winter nights:

I don’t think I’m alone when it comes to waking up during the night and being unable to get back to sleep.

So you might not be impressed, and I can understand why. It was something I discovered after having woken at two in the morning and was doing all I could to return to that wonderful safe other world of deep sleep.

Recent research into sleep disorders suggests that it is quite natural to wake at least once or sometimes twice in the night without it meaning that you are suffering from a strange malady. It is a natural activity, says the research, especially as we get older and that there is no need to look on this negatively. The researchers suggest that instead of laying there, hoping to drop off again very soon, we should get up and do something else for fifteen or thirty minutes to take our minds somewhere else and so give our sleeping period a rest or time out. When you go back to bed after a warm milk drink and a biscuit and a quick look at a book or magazine (not your digital devices though) you might feel wide awake but, in no time at all, you will nod off for another round of deep sleep. They add that this might not be so easy if you are going through some difficult emotional experience as this can disturb your sleep patterns.

Why not my devices?

So how about those devices? Why can’t I check my Facebook page or Message app to see what my insomniac friends are posting; or add another photo of my beautiful cat to Instagram; or pin a picture of that dress I want for the wedding onto my Pinterest page?

Winter clothes line in Queensland of all places.Can sleep disorders result from cold weather?

Cold weather can make sleeping more difficult.

Well it goes like this, or so I understand it. All digital devices, phones, tablets, computers etc., are accessed by your high-powered Alpha brain waves, while reading or writing your journal (or sketching) with a pen or pencil uses the more natural animal or gentle Beta waves. This means that when you return to bed, your conscious self has been assuaged by activities sympathetic to sleep. Other good activities include making a piece of toast or a cup of herbal tea (avoid hot chocolate or coffee), knitting, sewing, mending, or cutting stuff for your scrapbook, all of which are more natural activities.

A couple of months back I suffered a small health problem, which found me less able to sleep. It gave me an opportunity to test this Alpha/Beta hypothesis. I had been constructing a new website and as always happens (not just with this activity) one can easily get carried away on researching a particular facet of a project. I would work late into the night, because, after all, I couldn’t sleep anyway. When I eventually went to bed, I just lay there until around five in the morning or later, when I would fall into a sort of slumber and which didn’t last long.

I had been reading about the Alpha/Beta theory but had not been bothered enough to give it serious attention. Suddenly I became very interested in what I could do to get better sleep. I deliberately forbade myself from accessing any digital device after four in the afternoon. This might not sound difficult but one soon realizes that doing these digital things had become a habit even though you knew looking at how many people had visited the new website that day or who had chosen to ‘follow’ or ‘liked’ you on Instagram or Pinterest would not make a tiny bit of difference to anything you were doing at that moment. This is the moment when you realize that what we call ‘social media’ really can become a psychological trap. And this could also be the moment you discover as I did, that after constant tossing and turning, you too can swivel your head in a beanie without the beanie moving. Welcome to Alpha mode.

How about TV?

At this point you might ask “What about TV and sleep disorders?” The best I can say is that good narrative drama, comedy or a satisfying documentary can be satisfying to the ‘soul’ or to human emotions but I also believe that too many shows in a night, or watching after ten o’clock, starts to work against the idea of deep sleep. “Too much for the mind to work with,” someone once said, “reduces the likelihood of getting a deep and sustained sleep.” I would probably add to that that commercial television hits us hard with mindless advertising and that these emotionally contorted messages play havoc with the subconscious and work against good sleep.

How is TV different to your other screen based friends? You don’t need a lot of left-brain activity to operate a TV set, unlike digital stuff that requires your left-brain attention constantly to connect, switch and make decisions.

Share your thoughts

So what do you think? Can you offer more information on better managing the late-night wide-awake episode and without resorting to medication? Please put pen to paper when you next wake up in the night and tell us your thoughts, but for the sake of a good nights sleep, don’t type anything on the computer until the next day. We don’t want you getting your Alphas and Betas confused.

Dreams: A theory

Finally, I want to leave you with my favorite dream theory.

Way back when moving images were captured on celluloid or film, the finished product i.e. the film – was a collection of sequences of action that were edited in what was called the cutting room. More unusable stuff ended up on the cutting room floor than the good stuff that got spliced together to make up the finished product.

So the dream theory is this. What happened and everything that passed through your mind in your waking day (all of the film) was processed (edited) and put into the conscious mind as the day’s events as you perceived and understood them (the edited and finished film).

In the sleeping hours while you and your subconscious self are busy resting and sleeping, your unconscious self – never needing to go to sleep – finds itself with nothing to do, bored in fact. So it discovers this fun game. Scrambling about on the cutting room floor among not just todays rejected pieces of film but every unused clip and dark thought from your whole life, the unconscious self tries to put some of them together to make what it believes to be a coherent story.

Try as it may, it could never succeed because the essential bits have already been joined to make the real film – the days events, as you will remember them. The result? Your dreams are what the unconscious attempts to put together and for those of us who dream, we know how weird that can be.

Sleep and the over ’60’s
Wikipedia on sleep disorders.

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