Wired Unwired

Wired Unwired is an image of a derelict country telephone pole in outback Australia.

Wired Unwired T-Shirt
Wired Unwired T-Shirt by Youbeaut

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Style: Men’s Basic T-Shirt
Comfortable, casual and loose fitting, our heavyweight dark color t-shirt will quickly become one of your favorites. Made from 100% cotton, it wears well on anyone. We’ve double-needle stitched the bottom and sleeve hems for extra durability. Select a design from our marketplace or customize it to make it uniquely yours!

Size & Fit:
Model is 6’2” and is wearing a medium
Standard fit
Fits true to size
Fabric & Care
100% cotton (Heathers are a cotton/poly blend)
Tagless label for comfort
Double-needle hemmed sleeves and bottom
Machine wash cold

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Customizing: Zazzle Away the Blues

Get rid of the Blues! Imagine designing your very own products. Here you will find a variety of fully customizable products such as clothing and clothing accessories, office accessories, home decor items and much more. You can replace the Blue image or remove it altogether and add a text message instead. Or have both! And while you are at it, if your picture is smaller, choose a background color to suit. Many products offer different models (or styles) and of course, with clothing pick your size carefully. Express your creativity and most importantly, enjoy the customizing experience. Now select a product and get started!

Customise Your Horizontal Card
Customise Your Horizontal Greeting Card

Customize Your Dinner Plate
Customize Your Melamine Dinner Plate

Customize Your Large Tote Bag
Customize Your Tote Bag

Customize Your Baby T-Shirt
Customize Your Baby T-Shirt

Customize Your Ceramic Tile
Customize Your Ceramic Tile

Customize Your Trucker Hat
Customize Your Trucker Hat

Customize Your Round Clock
Customize Your Round Clock

Customize Your Toddler T-shirt
Customize Your Toddler T-shirt

Customize Your Coffee Mug
Customize Your Coffee Mug

Customize Your Card
Customize Your Vertical Greeting Card

Customise Your Belt Buckle
Customise Your Round Belt Buckle

Customise Your Puzzle
Customise Your Jigsaw Puzzle

Customize Your T-Shirt
Customize Your T-Shirt

Customise Your Mouse Pad
Customise Your Mouse Pad

See much more by visiting the full list of
products here:
Zazzle Away the Blues

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Pizza: A Short Story

The motor gave a couple of protesting grunts when Rod switched off the old Landcruiser’s ignition, reminding him he must buy oil soon. Tonight’s campsite was much like those of the past week, though the landscape here was not so dry or sparse. A wide expanse of good grass beside the narrow ribbon of road and a nearby creek would provide grazing and water for the horse.
He let down the back of the float and backed Betty out onto the soft grass. The animal threw up her head and shook her strong neck, then pawed the ground in front of her in anticipation. She was happy to be let out and keen to move her large and muscular body.
“Easy girl,” Rod murmured.
Betty snorted and threw up her head again, pleased to be free of the confinement and those long hours in the float as Rod led her down to a cleared spot beside the creek where drovers watered their stock. The Warmblood mare stood quite still at the edge of the water and moved her head one way then the other, her ears pricked and forward to catch any sounds, while her nostrils flared and twitched as she sampled the fresh new smells. In her whole life she had never experienced danger when drinking, but her primeval instinct demanded she check thoroughly before drawing in the clear water now cooling her front hoofs.
Leaving the creek, Rod walked and trotted the horse along the roadside for a kilometre before tethering her for the night. He would ride her for half an hour at sun up before moving on. Betty again stood motionless, listening and smelling the air. Then she walked away from Rod, head down, looking for just that right spot in the sweet grass to begin the night’s grazing.
Rod connected the outside light, then lit the small kero stove and put a saucepan of water on to boil. He peeled three potatoes and a carrot, rummaged through the big wooden box which was his larder, and found a piece of hard cheese hiding in a brown paper bag and a tin of forgotten sardines.
“That’s a bonus”, he thought, and reminded himself that tomorrow morning early would be the best time to catch a rabbit or hare, or maybe a duck at the creek.
Rod had quit his job in Ceduna in South Australia a week before and headed off; intending first to visit his old mum in Rupunyup, just north of the Grampians, then on to his older brother Angus’s farm, farther up at Wedderburn. There he hoped to be able to leave the horse while he sought out and negotiated with Warmblood breeders to find a suitable sire to join her with. Even now, in 1982, the breed was still not common and the stud fee was going to be expensive. He needed to have enough money saved by the end of September. He figured he would go on to Melbourne and find work for a few months, most likely as a security guard with an armoured car company. He had experience and good references from previous stints in the city. Then he would go bush again.
Rod’s plans for Betty had been brought forward a year and without warning. Breaking up with Annie had been sudden and, just as he had at the time of previous break-ups, he’d loaded the truck and moved on.
Rod was good looking — if unusually gaunt, and tall and lean. Born on a farm and the youngest of seven, he had learnt to break in horses by the time he was sixteen. At eighteen he took a teacher training course and became a young schoolmaster in a one-teacher bush school. But the ladies loved him and, too often, he loved them back. That they often had a partner meant that Rod’s life could become suddenly far too complicated and even uncomfortable.
But it was his rare qualities, his speed and style and bravado that combined and made him different to most men. It usually meant that he could rarely stay in one place for very long before finding himself either constrained or unwelcome. He learnt early in his working life how to live alone and be on the move.
It wasn’t that Rod was a bad person — far from it — he had the proverbial heart of gold. He was just too good at inspiring people.
His country-boy agility and enthusiasm mesmerised people and swept everyone along in a world that, on their own, they could never sustain. Women queued to dance with him at country balls. Looking like a gentleman from a period movie in his tuxedo, bow tie and shiny pumps, he carried each one of them around the dance floor with such style as to be something so exhilarating that they most likely never experienced anything like it again; and they talked about it amongst themselves for months afterwards.
To Rod, life was as straight forward as taking a horse over a jump or creek. “A horse doesn’t jump of its own accord,” he would say in a loud voice, and laughing and with merriment in his eyes. “You lift a horse over a jump with your mind. If you didn’t, you’d both end up on the ground. If you don’t know where you’re going, don’t expect the horse to know.”
Tonight, Rod was feeling just a tad more tired than usual, and he was hungry. He thought how he’d love a bath and a shave, and maybe a large pizza with the lot and even to sleep in a proper bed with a mattress. He was still a couple of days away from Rupunyup. He had chosen to come the long way using back roads. It wasn’t that he was in trouble or that anyone was looking for him — he simply wanted to be alone; and he liked to see the country away from the main highways. A young Australian Greek bloke had given him a well worn-map of South Australia and Western Victoria on which was marked the zigzag route taken by men who carried illegal undersize shark from fishermen in the Spencer Gulf to the Flake-loving Melbournites. It went through quite a bit of country Rod hadn’t seen and so this was the route he was following.
Rod had just dropped the potatoes in to cook when Betty gave two short snorts. Rod straightened up and listened, and saw far off headlights coming from the direction in which he would be heading. He knew he wasn’t far from the small town of Bunneringee, so it was more likely he would see somebody go past here than in the bigger more empty country he’d recently passed through. “A farmer going home probably — or maybe a refrigerated van on its way to fetch Flake?” he mused. Continue reading

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Winter Blues & Monet

Winter Blues & Monet

Winter Blues shows a work with a color palette derived from a study of the artist Claude Monet.

Renowned as the ‘father of French Impressionism’, Monet was inspired by his direct experiences of nature, culminating in the ravishing depictions of his lily and flower gardens in the rural property at Giverny, northern France,

Oscar-Claude Monet was a founder of French Impressionist painting, and the most consistent and prolific practitioner of the movement’s philosophy of expressing one’s perceptions before nature, especially as applied to plein-air landscape painting. Wikipedia

Claude Monet’s iconic garden at Giverny can be seen in an exhibition at the Melbourne National Gallery until September 8th.



Winter Blues is available on the following items: Apparel: Graphic T-shirt, Women’s Chiffon Top, Contrast Tank, Graphic T-shirt Dress, A-Line Dress, Leggings, Min Skirt, Scarves. Cases & Skins: Samsung and iPhone Case or Skin, iPad Case or Skin, Laptop Skin, Laptop Sleeve. Wall Art: Poster, Canvas Print, Photographic Print, Art Print, Framed Print, Metal Print, Wall Tapestry. Home Decor: Throw Pillow, Duvet Cover, Mug, Travel Mug. Bags: Tote Bags, Studio Pouch, Drawstring Bag. Stationery: Stickers, Greeting Card, Spiral Notebook, Hardcover Journal.

Click on the product images above or YouBeaut Designs at Redbubble to visit our store.

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Kerry Gavin: Oriental Lilies

We love Kerry Gavin’s brilliant pastel drawings. Here, in the first of a series showcasing her work we begin with one of her favourite flowers Oriental Lilies.

Kerry Gavin 2002

Pastel Artist Kerry Gavin, passed away far too early at age 49 years. Kerry studied art and design at Deakin University in Geelong in south-eastern Australia from 1973 to 1976. She worked in a variety of creative roles before deciding to paint full time in our garden studio in the Victorian country town of Castlemaine.

Her vividly abundant compositions grew out of a love for flowers, colour, patterns, motifs and the rich artistry found in everyday things. Kerry exhibited widely and her works colour many public and private collections.

Kerry Gavin’s Oriental Lilies: Print on Demand Products




Oriental Lilies is available on the following items: Apparel: Graphic T-shirt, Women’s Chiffon Top, Contrast Tank, Graphic T-shirt Dress, A-Line Dress, Leggings, Min Skirt, Scarves. Cases & Skins: Samsung and iPhone Case or Skin, iPad Case or Skin, Laptop Skin, Laptop Sleeve. Wall Art: Poster, Canvas Print, Photographic Print, Art Print, Framed Print, Metal Print, Wall Tapestry. Home Decor: Throw Pillow, Duvet Cover, Mug, Travel Mug. Bags: Tote Bags, Studio Pouch, Drawstring Bag. Stationery: Stickers, Greeting Card, Spiral Notebook, Hardcover Journal.

Click on the product images above or YouBeaut Designs at Redbubble to visit our store.

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Luggage Tag Monogram

Customise these: Luggage Tag & Bag Labels

Monogram Eyes Open Luggage Tag.

A luggage tag is cool! You will definitely want some when moving around on the planet.
Stand out in a crowd at the baggage carousel with a custom luggage tag from the YouBeaut Designs Bag and Luggage label range. Sturdy and weatherproof, these luggage and bag tags are ready to stand-up to the travel demands of any road warrior or adventure seeker.

Available in this version where you customise your address on the reverse side OR you can choose the optional luggage tag with a standard business card slot and address card. Available in a variety of modern colors and designs.

Note. If inquiring about or requesting individual designs via the Contact Store Owner button on our YouBeaut Zazzle store, be sure to check your junk or spam folder later. Our replies can end up there depending on your mail settings and you won’t see them. Then we both feel ignored and unloved! Call back to zazzle.com/youbeaut to view new designs.

Printed using the AcryliPrint®HD printing process, your baggage tag shows designs, text, and photos in vibrant clarity and brilliant colors. Customize it with your information and escape bag mix ups for years to come!
Dimensions: 2″l x 3.5″w (standard business card size)
Made of ultra-durable acrylic
UV resistant and waterproof
Made of ultra-durable acrylic
Leather luggage strap included
Printed on both sides

Monogram Beach Scene Tag For Luggage

Where are you? tag for luggage

Monogram Thistle Grey Tag For Luggage

Monogram Cranberry Pink Luggage Tag

Monogram Mustard Yellow Luggage Tag

Monogram Teal Luggage Tag

Monogram Orange Tag For Luggage

Monogram Indian Red Tag For Luggage

Monogram Violet Luggage Tag

Monogram Rich Blue Bag Tag

Monogram Bankers Green Luggage Tag

European Auto Collection Tag For Luggage

Monogram Japanese Geisha Luggage Tag

Monogram Eyes Open Bag Tag

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New Unisex Watches

New Unisex Wrist Watches

Show your colors with these vibrant and stylish unisex watches made especially for you.

Choose from one of our designs. We haves already included a name on the first 3 watches that you will change to your name or the name of a loved-one or friend. You can also choose from the eight different colors below and design the watch face yourself. It is a fun thing to do! Add a picture and/or text and background colours to suit. We love these watches and hope you will too. Note: You can see ALL of our wrist watch styles and designs by clicking here!

Customisable Name: Life's a Beach Watch
Customisable Name: Life's a Beach Watch by Youbeaut

Customisable Name: Orange Watch
Customisable Name: Orange Watch by Youbeaut

Customisable Name: Tropical Seashore Watch
Customisable Name: Tropical Seashore Watch by Youbeaut

Click on a watch in the colour of your choosing and begin to customise it. Personal pictures and messages can be included. Let your imagination run wild – or not. Actually, you can put your design on the face of the watch and then pick a matching watch band, or two, or three! That’s right – each watch face is interchangeable, so you can choose from eight fun and trendy bands and sport a different look each day of the week.

Modify Watch

Modify Watch

Modify Watch

Modify Watch

Modify Watch

Modify Watch

Modify Watch

Modify Watch

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Spring in Central Victoria

Spring in Central Victoria.

Lambs are everywhere. Early spring has truly sprung around our district and, I suspect, right across the land. There is lots of paddock feed for the winter born livestock and hopefully, the season looks bright for crop farmers too.

Flock of Correllas

New life is everywhere. In the surrounding bushland, four species of Greenhood orchids are in flower while the distinctive little shiny bright red and green, Climbing and Scented sundews claim their space. Meanwhile, leaves of the Bluebeard orchid show in dark green clumps heralding a good show of flowers in September and October. But the most common of all the orchids is still to emerge. The purple flowers of the Wax-lip orchid will be the dominant flower amongst the ground-cover plants from around late September on to November.

Wildlife is in evidence both in and out of town. The call of foxes seeking a mate can still be heard from the middle of town in the early hours, and beware the speeding night driver who does not heed the dead ‘roos and wallabies beside the road. There are plenty of live ones still able to grace the front of a car or enter, unwanted, through the windscreen.

Animals move around right through the year, but probably more so in late winter and spring. Echidna, that delightful ponderous but forever busy icon of the Australian bush is one of the more vulnerable creatures that everyone will come across as it ambles across a country road. Reduce speed as soon as you spot one for they will not hurry or respond to your car horn.

A young koala was spotted this week close to a bush road not far from the railway line in the Maldon Heritage Reserve and whilst not a common occurrence, local sightings happen throughout the year. Like the echidna, koalas too are slow to cross the road and cannot be urged on with car horns.

Pairs of Crimson Rosellas have argued among themselves (and with the occasional pair of galahs) for the right to set up house in the numerous nesting holes in the Elm trees in Maldon’s main streets. Colourful and cheery, they help bring the countryside into the town.

One of the odd-bods of the bird kingdom is the Lapwing or Plover. You will surely have seen a pair beside the road in both an urban or rural situation. A white and black head and chest with brown wings and back, and with reddish legs, they stand about like they are waiting for a bus, sometimes walking a few paces before walking back to where they were before. Territorial is an understatement and beware the cat or dog (or human) that ventures too close, particularly during the nesting season. Plovers fly around at night doing laps of the block or the town, making a raucous ‘pee-wit’ call. The birds lay their two eggs usually in stones or small rocks that act as camouflage from marauding crows and other nasties. They are odd because they seem not to notice that where they nest is often in a ridiculous spot. Last year I saw where a pair had nested in the large parking area in front of the Castlemaine warehouse from where milk is distributed around the region. Trucks and vans moved over the area constantly and although most drivers did their best to avoid the nesting spot, it was not safe for long. Similarly, Maldon folk who choose to take the rustic route to Castlemaine via Lewis road might have noticed a year or so back, that a pair of Plovers had nested right on the edge of the road. A local landowner had obligingly put up a simple framed sign warning ‘Nesting plovers ahead’.

The less welcome wildlife is also on the move and raising young, most common among them being the domestic pigeon – a recent messy problem for the town – and the murderous Indian Myna or Arial Cane Toad (my name for it), which arrived in Maldon just a couple of years back and now challenges native birds for nesting spots and food as it spreads rapidly across the country.

The earth – or this part of it at least – seems to be in a period when we can experience extreme weather events, most notably drought but also sudden and severe storms. At such times it might be easy to forget the wildlife around us. But we must not forget.

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