Snakes Alive!

Snakes Alive!

Now, that’s a snake! I love this picture of a python passing by a house at Cardwell in Queensland. Cardwell was devastated by the cyclone that hit the region earlier in 2011.

We are not certain, but this is most likely a White Lipped Python – Liasis albertisii – common to the area. This snake grows to around 200 centimetres but can be longer. Pythons are not venomous.

Snakes Alive. White Lipped Python

We also heard that two four metre snakes were recently removed from the ceiling of a house in Yorkey’s Knob. Yorkeys Knob is one of the beach suburbs of Cairns, in Far North Queensland, Australia.

An ideal subject to include in your next selfie for your Facebook page, don’t you think?.

Visit the ‘What Snake is That? website for details of Australian snakes.

What Snake is That?

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