Feral Fallow Deer in Muckleford Forest

Feral Fallow Deer in Muckleford Forest.

Fallow deer have been living in the Muckleford Forest for some time now but are rarely seen or photographed. There is much discussion on whether or not these feral animals should be removed.

First picture of Fallow Deer in the Muckelford Forest in Central Victoria.

The numbers of feral deer are increasing around the country. While Sambar deer seem to be the most destructive in relation to native flora, Fallow deer in large numbers will no doubt have a negative effect on what should be the habitat of native fauna and flora.

Fallow stage photographed on a property inside the Muckleford Forrest.

Thanks to Deb for this photo of a stag grazing on her property.

1st October 2009 – NOTE: We have been asked by a number of readers for directions to the best deer viewing locations. Some of the enquiries have come openly from professional shooters, but we suspect a couple have been hunters who did not declare their hunting interests. Others are interested in simply seeing the deer and maybe showing their kids. We have decided that it would be better at this stage not to provide details, at least until we have a better understanding of the hunting situation. We will monitor the public viewpoint via the Tarrangower Times and DSE and look forward to being able to comment further down the track.

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