Alpaca Emu Hand Towels

Alpaca Emu Hand Towels:

This series of hand towels depicts various images we have photographed in recent times. The adorable Alpaca known in other languages as Alpakka, Alpaka or Alpaga. This one was photographed while looking for wild orchids along the edge of a country lane. You can’t see it in this picture but the other half of the kitchen towel depicts an Emu. These birds can be erratic or just crazy. Meet one on the road in outback Australia and you just won’t know which way it is heading.

This hand towel can be customised. Change the background color, the background image and change the Emu or Alpaca photo to something of your choice. Emu and Alpaca photographed in Australia by Richard Lee.

Kitchen hand towel with Alpaca and Emu from Youbeaut Designs.

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