Outback Orange Ribbon

Outback Orange Ribbon.

Why Ribbons? Once we started, we couldn’t stop. Colors excite us, especially those we see on our travels in the Australian hinterland. This Outback Orange Ribbon is one of them. There are a dozen or so in the range including illustrated Ribbons. More are planned. Available in 3″ or 1.5″ and in various lengths.

Material: Satin Ribbon
Nothing says luxury like a touch of satin. Our satin ribbons are smooth and shiny, providing elegance to your birthday gifts, wedding favors, or any DIY project! Available in 1.5” and 3″ widths, and 3 lengths, custom satin ribbons will give you the versatility you need. These ribbons can be printed with any photos, designs or text to create gifts with a totally unique, one-of-a-kind touch.

Available in 1.5” and 3” widths.
Sold in 2 yard, 6 yard, or 10 yard spools.
Single faced satin with a silky smooth texture on one side.
Great for gift wrap, sewing, and wrapping.

Ribbons from Youbeaut Designs.

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