Dying Shame

Dying Shame:

A Dying Shame seemed an apt heading for an article about road-kill. On our travels around the country we cannot ignore the road-kill that litters the roads and adjoining landscape. Australia is no exception to a problem that effects every country in the world where there are roads and mechanical vehicles. We constantly ask ourselves when and from where will a solution to the problem arrive. Perhaps it never will and so every creature from north American Moose, Britain’s Red and Fallow Deer, Badgers and more, or the wild animals and birds of remote regions of Africa and elsewhere, continue to be killed or maimed by motor vehicles.

Road Kill: Echidna Australia

It might seem macabre to some, but we think it is important to remind people that the transport system that gives us so much pleasure is, at the same time, causing untold pain and grief to so many other creatures, all of which are not capable of understanding our simple mantra of look left then right and then left again to see what is coming before we cross the road.

Here you can see photographs taken by Richard Lee during visits to different regions of Australia over a two year period.

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