Love and lust – The Fifi Code

The Fifi Code – Love and lust for people who love people
Love is the essential message of The FIFI CODE. It comes under the heading of Erotic Fiction and it appears here because I wrote it, not long after meeting someone at a birthday party, who suggested that this genre sold well in the world of ebooks.


Needing money, I put aside the grand novel I’ve been working on for the last couple of years, and took time out to write something just a little different. It might not be a book that you would possibly contemplate reading, but here it is.

Discover the secrets of the special lovemaking trigger codes that Rosa and Bertie share after fifty years of marriage, devised to prompt her very fit and virile husband, following his recent partial loss of memory. And what happens when others discover the codes? Discover too, Rosa’s network of women friends and lovers, all of whom she is happy to share, both with her husband, and each other.

Rosa maintains that the kiss is the most important part of sensuality, and that there should always be loving intent when expressing ones affections. Enjoy the adventures of Rosa’s family friends, Helen and Maude, and Helen’s step daughter, Alice, and her friends, Freya and Angie. This book is a loving rampage through sensual love and lust, innocently enjoyed by all

The book can be bought from Amazon as a Kindle ebook or as a 270 page paperback book.

Here is a chapter from The Fifi Code. Please be warned that it contains language and situations that could offend some people.

Chapter 8

You will remember that members of the Feeling Sweet club agreed they would each tell their most memorable sexual adventure.
We have already heard Alice’s story and Freya’s story. Here we discover Angies’s amorous account of passion.

Note: Angie is using a spoken word approach to telling this story. We hope it works.

You might recall that before I started at university, I worked as a teachers aid and doubled as a youth worker, at a city senior high school.

I had moved to the city at age sixteen, to live with my aunty Betty, mum’s younger sister, and had worked mainly in rubbish jobs. Getting the job at the school was a step up.

One of the youth worker tasks that I particularly enjoyed was going on school camps. It meant that I got away from my crazy aunt who I loved dearly but who could be quite demanding. It also gave me an opportunity to work in a responsible and serious work environment.

The school owned a couple of holiday camps, one in the mountains, the other in bushland that fronted a beautiful beach. I got to know them both very well.

As a member of staff, I was involved in the planning of student activities. This also involved getting the students up early, and organising them for bush walks or beach trips, or whatever.

Most times everything was good, and the kids were great. Occasionally there would be a couple of kids, or I should perhaps call them young adults — usually sixth formers — who could prove tiresome and shirk their rostered duties, or disrupt some well planned activity.

We tactfully tried to sort these students and put them into rolls where they couldn’t easily stuff up.

My story begins with a planned combined canoeing and bush walking trip.

Everybody knew what tasks they had been allotted. The weather was perfect, and at nine fifteen we congregated at the centre of camp, then moved off towards the jetty and the canoes.

It was at that moment one of the staff notice that two of the boys were missing, and I was sent to find them and hurry them up.

I headed up to the rows of tents. It was very quiet as everyone had already headed to the beach.

I approached the tent of the two missing students, Roger and Kevin. As I drew close I thought I heard a sound. I walked around to the back of their tent, and peeped through the mosquito netting of the small back window.

Rodger and Kevin were laying on the floor with their trouser pulled down around their ankles. Each had a hand on the others cock and both were rubbing and tugging furiously.

Instead of immediately leaving, I stood fascinated and watched until the two ejaculated, then I quietly left, my mind swirling.

I reported back that the boys couldn’t be found and they were both marked down for detention when back at school the following week.

The thirty or more students on the trip had a great time. It was interesting observing them. Some seemed so young while other were quite adult. All were entertaining and so often I smiled watching what they were up to.

One girl, Judy Somerville, was the girl who had everything going for her and commanded attention wherever she went. Not only was she tall and shapely, she was also beautiful to look at, and spoke confidently on all matters.

If Judy Somerville had a problem, it must surely have been that she was what the boys would call a ‘cock tease’.

She knew that she reigned supreme over all the other girls in the school and that she was the most desired female on the campus. And if that wasn’t enough, she had a more than adequate bosom which the boys could never pass up the opportunity to comment on, or make unsavoury jokes about them.

One wanted to be sympathetic to Judy but it just was not possible.

Judy had a couple of girl friends but they were only their to bathe in her glory and enjoy her occasional largess as a wealthy benefactor. Judy Somerville’s parent were well-to-do, and she made sure that everyone knew about it.

Judy had a boyfriend who sometimes picked her up in his father’s expensive European sports car. Judy was unattainable by any of the lads at our school.

After school one day, I called out to our school camp naughty boys, Roger and Kevin as they headed off for the mall. I said that I had a few hours paid work for them at my house and asked them to get there as soon as school finished on Friday. When Kevin, the cheeky one replied ‘we are expensive Miss’, I replied ‘so am I, but everything is negotiable’. Just be there.

Friday came and the two lads knocked on my door, and I showed them in. I told them to follow me, and led them to the lounge and asked them to sit on the sofa. They were out of their comfort zone, and a bit self conscious.

I don’t think male students take too much notice of a women’s clothing, being usually fixated only on her anatomy, clothed, but preferably naked.

I had worn a very tight dress which accentuated my prominent backside, a very low cut top, and I wore stockings and high heels, and lots of lipstick and put on perfume. Hopefully they’d notice that I looked a little different to how I looked at school.

First, I told them to each move aside and make a space for me on the sofa as I had something to tell them. I sat down between them, making sure my skirt rose above my knees, then on pretence of needing to switch something off in the kitchen, I stood and walked slowly away from them, towards the swing door.

Immediately through the door I turned, and looked through crack on the side. Both boys were grinning and nodding, and Kevin made a gesture with his hand indicating he was doing something rude with himself and with me.

I smiled to myself. Bingo! They’ve noticed. I came back and sat on the sofa.

“Now boys, it’s your lucky day.”

“How come Miss?”

“Well, how will I put this? I’m sure you both have fantasies. In fact I’m certain you both fantasise about Judy Somerville, for instance?”

There was a stunned silence.

“Oh, and in case you are wondering, why I invited you, you are here to help me with my fantasies. Yes, girls have fantasies too.”

The two stared at me with a wide-eyed look of disbelief.

“And just in case you both feel disinclined to share my fantasy with me, I should tell you one important thing. I saw you wanking each other in your tent at camp last month. So if you don’t do as I ask, I could put out the rumour that you two are wanking each other, and that is probably something to do you with you not being able to get girl friends.”

The two young men stared at me then at each other. Kevin turned to me.

“Oh no Miss, you can’t do that. We don’t do it much Miss. Please don’t tell anyone.”

“Good, Kevin. Now tell me, when you were both tugging on each other, what was your fantasy at that moment? Roger, you go first.

“Gees Miss, do we really have to do this? This is so embarrassing. We came to work in your shed Miss, we should get started.”

“Kevin, you are the cheeky one. Tell me what you were thinking about. Were you thinking about Judy Somerville? Were you fucking Miss Somerville in your head, while Roger was giving you the hand job?”

Kevin pulled a face.

“That bitch should be fucked. She’s such a bitch”

Then Roger added his thoughts.

“Yeah Miss, every bloke at school wants to fuck her. She’s so sexy and good looking.”

“So Kevin, if you had Judy Somerville here right now and you could do anything you wanted with her, what would you do? Tell us Kevin. What is your fantasy about the gorgeous Judy? You can say whatever’s in your head.”

The two boys each looked past me, and at each other and grinned.

“Well, Kevin?”

“I’d first give her big backside a good whack. In fact, I’d push her over the back of this seat, drag down her pants and spank her till her bum turned red and she screamed for mercy. That’s what I’d do Miss.”

“That sounds very exciting Kevin. Thank you.”

“You’re next Roger. You suddenly have the most desirable Judy Somerville in front of you. What would your fantasy be? How would you handle the dear girl? Would you woo her with kind words, or would you have something else in mind. Tell us Roger.”

Big Roger coloured up behind his youthful chin stubble.

“Well, Miss, I’d start by pulling her top off Miss, then I’d bite and suck her tits, then I’d pull out my stiffie and make her suck it Miss.”

The two exchanged looks and grinned. Then Kevin spoke.

“Yes, Miss, we would show her what’s what.”

I eyed the two and noticed that at least one had a slight bulge in his pants.

“Now boys, would you like to hear my fantasy? Are you both ready? Remember, I said you are here to help me.”

Both boys were suddenly more forthcoming. “Yes, Miss, whatever you want Miss.”

“Here we go then. This is my fantasy.”

Two sets of eyes stared at me and I noticed that one lad had a hand moving awkwardly on his trousers.

“My fantasy is that I am really Judy Somerville, and that I am suddenly trapped alone in this room with the two of you.”

As I spoke, I placed a hand on each lads trouser front and let my fingers search for signs of life. There was an audible gasp from Roger, and Kevin wriggled a little.

“Judy Somerville is getting a little excited, sitting beside two of her most enthusiastic admirers, and she notices that things are happening inside their trousers. She reaches out, unzips each of you, and gets out two cocks. Having one in each hand makes Judy very happy, and very horny.”

I was unzipping the lads as I spoke. Kevin cock sprang out of his trousers and I untangled Roger where his cock was caught up in his underpants.

“Oh Miss? Your fantasy is fantastic. What next?”

“Yes, what happens?”

“Judy is very excited. She has a lovely cock in each hand and she moves her hand gently up and down. Judy Somerville is getting more and more excited until she can stand it no longer, and tears off her blouse and brassiere, and exposes her boobs to her admirers.”

I let go of the boys at this point, and remove my top and bra. Then I close my hand around their erections once again. Both lads are red faced, and stare at my breasts. “Now Roger, Judy’s breasts are all yours. Suck them while you can.” I let go of Rogers cock and put a hand behind his head and pulled him to my chest. He immediately opened his mouth and gorged himself on my nipples, moving rapidly from one breast to the next and back again.

Kevin gazed at what was happening. His jaw was slack and his mouth was open. I let go of him and unzipped my skirt, and lifted myself and slipped the skirt down and away. Kevin’s eyes bulged. Then I slid my self down on the sofa a little, and lifted my legs in the air.

“Judy wants Kevin to smack her bottom, while Roger is sucking on her big titties. Please get down on the floor and make Judy happy Kevin.”

Kevin practically fell off the sofa onto the floor. He knelt and stared in awe at my backside and my stockinged legs and my heeled shoes.

“My fantasy Kevin, so do as you are told. Take Judy’s panties off please. Oh, and when you’ve got her panties off Kev, she would love you to kiss her wet pussy.”

I really didn’t need to say or do a lot more.

The boys where fired up. I was suddenly without skirt, pants or bra and two gorgeous young men where feeding on me, like crocs on a herd of Wildebeests crossing a river, and I laid back to fully enjoy it. I was in ‘bad boy’ land and I loved it.

Occasionally I would ask for a little something like ‘Judy wants you to play with her tits Kevin darling’ or ‘Judy wants you to suck her clitoris Roger’.

“You’re doing a fantastic job boys. Please try not to blow your load yet though, because Judy will want you to do something else with your cocks soon.”

I judged that time had arrived.

“Back off a moment boys, Judy wants to turn over.”

I moved down knelt on the floor. The boys held their cocks and watched lustfully.

“Look at her arse and her stockings, she’s so beautiful Kev. I’ve only seen that in porn mags.”

I loved the complement.

“Now boys, Judy would like you to fuck her. Take it in turns. She can suck one of you while the other is in her slippery cunt.”

The boys were good. They had managed (I suspect with great difficulty) to hold on until the moment when Judy told each of them separately, to empty their balls in her.

We ended the day with me back on the sofa with a stocking round my ankle and a shoe missing, being gently licked and touched, as one of the boys played with my suspenders.

I complimented the lads. “Thank you Kevin, thank you Roger. You have satisfied my fantasy perfectly. And I hope you both enjoyed yourselves.”

“Oh yes Miss, you’re the best. We loved your fantasy, playing Judy, but it was the real you who was really fantastic.”

I thought I noticed that Kevin had a more sensitive look in his eye and his manner had changed.

“Miss Angie?”

“Yes, Roger?”

“I’m in love with you now. Bugger Judy Somerville.”

“Me to,” murmured Kevin.

“Hmm, buggering Miss Judy Somerville? Now that’s a fantasy I will definitely think about.”

The boys exchanged knowing smiles.

“Glad to help in the garage anytime, Miss Angie.”

That is not quite the end of the story. After some time away on holidays I returned to school. I hadn’t been back more than a day when Kevin and Roger met me outside the school gates.

“Hello you too. Not getting into too much trouble I hope?”

They both laughed. Roger started to talk.

“Miss Angie! We wondered if … ?”

“Come on, spit it out.”

“What he wants to say Miss, is that we would be very happy to help you clean up the garage anytime you felt like it.”

I laughed. This seemed vaguely like a proposition.

“Well, boys, I’m not against the idea but I should tell you that last time, my crazy aunt Betty, who I live with was away and so I had the house to myself. Now she is back.”

A downcast look crossed their faces.

“Mind you. Aunty is a randy bitch. She would love to have some young cock around the house.”

Both lads straightened up and smiled.

“Is she as beautiful as you Miss?”

“Probably, but in a different way. It might be just what you young blokes need, a mature woman who knows what to do with what you’ve got in your trousers.”

Kevin and Roger laughed heartily.

“I think Judy Somerville would also enjoy having her aunt there to take care of one of you while Judy handles the other one. Do you think you’re up for a double act lads?”

“God yes, Can we really do that Miss Angie?”

“Leave it with me. I’ll check with auntie. In the meantime, you both have a tentative booking for Saturday afternoon.

“Oh yes, and by the way, I think Judy and her aunt might enjoy a good buggering, so save yourselves. You’ll need all the strength you can muster.”


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