YouBeaut Collections: Art & Posters

YouBeaut Collections: Art & Posters

What is art? It’s everywhere and we don’t always know it when we see it. On a building, in magazines or the meal just served in the cafe. Look here for interesting things that you won’t see anywhere else.

There are vivid pastel works by the late Kerry Gavin. Find the most complete range of her work and details about the artist at

Kerry worked in a variety of creative roles before deciding to paint full time in our garden studio in the Victorian country town of Castlemaine. Her vivid abundant not so ‘still life’ compositions grew out of a love for flowers, colour, patterns, motifs and the rich artistry found in everyday things. Kerry exhibited widely and her works colour many public and private collections.

New works from both the Kerry Gavin archives and photographic images by Richard Lee will appear here over the coming months.

Richard Lee is a writer and photographer living in south eastern Australia. He is also the owner and designer of this website.

See a miscellany of images on a variety of mediums. Bondi Beach as a canvas print. Geisha Wall art on a sticker and an acrylic object along with delivery bicycles on photo prints or metal print, and much more. This collection is being developed and more images on a variety of surfaces will appear here over the coming months.

Our website offers a wild mix of things bizarre, beautiful, kitsch and good.

YouBeaut Art & Posters

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